Dear Olacabs, be a bit more ethical

I love Olacabs for whatever they are in Bangalore. Had some bad experiences with them in Chennai, which was more because of the drivers, but otherwise they were fine.

But their practice is pretty unethical in Mumbai. Especially in the city where the average person is considered to be more honest and diligent than anywhere else in the country.
All cab services in all cities have separate pricing for Sedans and Hatchbacks (Compact/Mini as they call it). Olacabs does NOT list pricing for Mumbai for Compact/Mini. You are only given the option of a Sedan. It is absolutely fine till here.

But a large section of their fleet are hatchbacks, and you are always promised a Sedan when you make a booking.

30mins before the scheduled pickup, there will be a call informing you - "Sir, there is no availability of a Sedan around your area currently, would you mind if we send you a hatchback". 

When I insisted that I need a Sedan, I was informed that there is none available and the booking will have to be cancelled or my cab will be delayed by 45min. ie, I do not have a choice now, then why are you calling me and asking me if I am fine with a hatchback? And the notice of 30min is too short to make a booking with a different cab service!


  • Firstly, when you are not listing hacthbacks while booking, why run them discretely surprising customers?
  • Why not list them accordingly like you do in most other cities and charge the customer accordingly rather that charging for a sedan everytime you send a compact/mini?

I would not mind travelling in a hatchback most of the times, but what if I had specifically booked for a sedan probably because I had a couple of more travellers with me and some luggage that might not fit into a hatchback. Wouldn't you be ruining my plan?

Don't you think that you are unethically accepting orders overpromising a Sedan and delivering a hatchback though you know in advance that there is a high probablity that the customer is going to end up paying the price of a sedan and get a mini/compact?