Eega Movie Budget: If directed by other Tollywood Directors

After being fascinated by Eega, was thinking how it would be if any other director makes Eega. Putting all my thoughts here. ;-)

SS Rajamouli: Gets the graphics done at a modest Graphic company in Hyderabad: 30 Cr

Shankar: Same graphics. Foreign companies: 300 Cr

Puri Jagannath: Takes Eega to Bankok. Shoots a sandwich-massage scene with eega. No graphics. Only dialogs like "Eega ante insect kadu,. its a brand". Budget mostly to pay Ali, Mummaith Khan etc. 150Cr

Teja: Takes a real fly, beats it with a needle to get all required emotions,.no graphics.  3Cr

Tamil Director: Gore murder and rape of eega in the end. Psychotic tamil audience love it. Doesn't matter if graphics is used or not. Eega should be raped and kill at end. Super HIT. Budget 30 Lakh

ETV Suman: Dresses himself as eega and runs all over his own Ramoji Studio shooting himself with a camera. Budget : 0

Omkar: Organizes a talent hunt to find the person to play eega character. Disappears . Budget : -3 Cr (Minus 3Cr,. flies away with the money received from the talent hunt sms polls, ads etc)

YVS Chowdary: Can never complete the film. Insists that only Nandamuris should play the character of Eega. Keeps waiting forever for  Balakrishna to slim down to fit into the Eega suit.

Edit: Lol,. looks like this has gone viral. I can see a Digg effect on the site currently :-)