How a small group of angry young Indian men caused heavy rains in China, were urinated for stealing a bike, and protested for a bunch of crimes in Gujarat

First, The Hindu said that this group was responsible for the heavy rain in China!

The Hindu has now deleted this tweet. Although we could find traces of what happened on Google Search results ;-)

Then, as per The Hindu, this group went to Gujrat to protest over beating up of Dalits.

Tweet Link:

The Telegraph thinks this group also loves cows.

NDTV says this is a dalit group attempting suicides.

And then NDTV followed the same group being angry in Gujarat about the role of social media!

Indian Express suggests that this group actually committed crimes against Dalits.

Hindustan Times however thinks this group was angry because their bike was stolen.

Another reporter from the same Hindustan Times also spotted the same group protesting in Surat because a dalit died in a police raid!

I understand how Stock Images work. But this fetish of Mainstream Indian Media to relate this aggressive image to anything that happens is Gujrat shows their desperation of being a ‘presstitute’ to showcase Gujrat as a violent anti-Dalit state.