To Lenovo India, with Love - "Your customer support is a joke!"

Dear Sudipto Ghosh,

(India Services Executive Director, Lenovo India)


I am writing this letter to you after spending an hour trying to make contact with a lenovo service center in Bangalore.


While you are trying hard to woo customers this Diwali with various offers, I am trying to get a Lenovo P780 mobile that I bought last Diwali which, owing to its poor build has plagues with multiple issues ever since I bought it.


Not having time to chase Lenovo support I had switched to Moto X a few month ago and I have been happy with it. As I had some free time this week at work, I thought I could get this one fixed - which seems to be a bad idea.


I am trying to find a Lenovo Authorised service center in Bangalore using the link - Find a Lenovo Authorized Service Location for India - on your Lenovo Website @


On opening the link and after selecting India, all I can see is a list of 540+ service centers from across India, spread across 54 pages,  sorted by the alphabetical order of the store name. There is no way that I could find a nearby center without navigating through each of the 54 pages and the searching for the word bangalore in that page.



WTF? Do you really expect your customers to scroll through 54 pages to find a service center near to them?


I used to like your caption - “Lenovo - For those Who DO” . But you should consider changing that to “Lenovo - For those Who GIVE A SHIT ABOUT CUSTOMER SUPPORT”.


Finally, I had some luck finding a Bangalore Service Center somewhere on the 10th page.. And looks like the details listed are incorrect/outdated and the service center telephone number is not really valid.


You should be celebrating your Lenvovo Customer Support day every April 1st. Because your support looks like a big joke!


If you need a good example, learn from Samsung.



Yours Truly

Frustrated Indian Lenovo (Mobile) Customer