Ola Cabs' f'ked up technology

The Hypocrisy of Olacabs always fascinates me.

A small comparision of how they advertise their app technology vs How it actually works.

  • So, here I am at one end of Bangalore, with a cab booked for 5pm (This was a prebooking made in bulk more than a week in advance) 
  • At 4:45pm, their state-of-the-art technology assigns me a cab which is at the other end of the city more than 20km away (nearly 90m) . (Their online tracking showed more than 2 cabs available for a fresh booking at 4:45pm)
  • The driver does not turn up and I ended up calling them on 33553355. There was a waiting time of 20m on hold for the call to be answered.
  • The customer support says they will arrange another cab but they never called back.
  • Instead, I am sent an invoice for a ride that I never took!

WTF, an Invoice?!

Here is what I think happened. The cab guy was frustrated and did not want to travel all the way to the other end of the city (Thanks to their super awesome auto-assign technology). He can not  cancel the ride either and he would not receive the next booking till he gets away with mt booking. So, he just faked a ride. He started the trip meter, and turned it off, ending the ride almost immediately, thereby generating me an invoice. Smart ass!

The 2 calls to the customer support promised alternate rides in 20min. It has been more than 40 and there was never one. 

Here I am struck in some part of the city, waiting on hold-music to reach Ola's customer support, writing this shitty piece of blog.

Well, that's Olacabs for you folks!