Ola Cabs sells your email addresses. And here is the proof!

I like Olacabs for what they are. I use it a lot. But a few things about them keep irritating me.

Today, I just noticed that they are selling the email addresses they have. And I think I have solid proof.

I had made a couple of booking for a couple of my relatives. When asked for email address I just made up email addresses with their names since I have a catch-all email address on that domain. The email addresses were neeraja@tanay.co.in and tanooja@tanay.co.in . Even they (Neeraja and Tanuja) do not know about the existence of such email addresses. Nor can they access them. And I never used those 2 email addresses anywhere else nor did I remembered about them until today.

Received a spam mail today with the worst ever design(if any) and content created by a retard probably hired by this online Jeweler called BlueStone.com

This email was sent to the address neeraja@tanay.co.in that was never used except for a booking with Ola Cabs.

When I searched for the emails that I received on that address, I realised that all of them were Ola promotional emails (which are fine) except for 2 emails - both from BlueStone.com

Ok well. One case could be that BlueStone.com was probably spamming to a list of email addresses from a dictionary. Like to xxxxx@tanay.co.in with xxxxx being replaced by a list of most common Indian Names. But I did not receive such emails on random names @tanay.co.in except for this one another email address tanooja@olacaba.com which again was used with Ola Cabs for a single booking.

And this seems to have started since 2nd of December 2014. Clearly the email addresses with Ola Cabs were compromised. Probably an employee stole them and sold the list somewhere. Or probably Ola themselves are selling this stuff off for some quick bucks.

Ola Cabs’ privacy policy is also ambiguous.

In #2, they say they would use the information collected to improve “OUR” products and services. (ie we spam about ourselves but at least we don’t sell the emails to others).

But in #3, they say they could use the emails to span about “NEW” products and services but not necessarily theirs’. There you go! Remember the “I accept the terms and conditions” checkbox that you enabled while signing up!

Nice play Ola Cabs. Way to go. Keep spamming!