Olympics Madhura "Honey" is omni-present!

Looks like this is not the first time for 'over-excited' Olympic gatecrasher  Madhura Nagendra (Madhura Honey). Whatever is the case, she got her 15 secs (infact 15 days of fame).

Some of the morphed pics showing her in varous places. Thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Thanks to those creative and funny creators,.

An original pic from the Olympics event.

Madhura Nagendra with Indian Team after winning Cricket World cup.

Madhura Nagrndra with Hilter

Madhura Nagendra on Moon with Neil Armstrong

Madhura Nagendra in Dhoom

The best one,. Madhura Nagendra monitoring Operation Neptune Spear with Obama from the White House.

The Finale,. Madhura Honey with Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh!!!

Madhura Nagendra is a gate crasher who stole the lime light in the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony by walking unauthorized along with the Indian contingent in a strikingly contrasting attire.