The so called "Facebook page hacking"

Recently many popular Telugu FB pages have been hjacked and many admins are worried that their years of effort has gone into vain.

Some are contemplating about contacting Cyber Police in Hyderabad and some admins have decided to go to FB office in Hyderabad to report / discuss this issue.

Firstly, there are 2 methods in which your page is hijacked (not hacked)

1) One of your co-admins cheating you.
Actually FB should not allow original admin to be removed. But a bug in FB allows this.
2) Second method is someone not related to the page, claiming the FB page by fooling FB support that your page is a duplicate of his existing page and asking the pages to be merged.
To those who want to approach FB and Cyber Police for your hacked pages:
1) FB security guards wont even allow you inside. This may be harsh but you got to accept the truth
2) Cyber Police deal with cases of Piracy, FB Profile Impersonation (someone posing as you and passing lewd comments), Scams (Money Deposits, Lottery), Internet Banking / Credit Card frauds, etc. They would not have time to look at these trivial things which are not causing direct monetary loss or social issues. Even if they accept to lodge a case, you are not a legal owner of the so called property called "FB page". You can do nothing to support your case.
You have no legal authority on your FB page. If it is a business name like if you own a hotel named "Some Hotel" and if some one is already maintaining a page on that hotel name, you can claim the page by contacting FB. Again, there is a procedure for this - by email. No one will talk if you go to their office. See the documents that you will be asked here -
"Kevvu Keka" or any other page name for that matter, is not a copyrighted name that you can claim ownership. You can not support your legal ownership of that name or business.
In all these cases, Facebook has the final authority over deciding who is the owner of the page. 
Cheer up Guys. Do not lose heart.
Do not invest your effort in making FB pages.
Build your own websites and post content in them. Now-a-days with Wordpress and Drupal, building websites is way too easy.
An FB page is never your property. A website is your legal property.