Tasty Khana - Bakwaas Bahaana

Jetlagged, with a body clock that is already fucked up after a brain surgery a few years ago, hungry -- All that I wanted today was something to eat, not moving out of my house.

Ordered from this portal - www.tastykhana.com and I got everything other than what I wanted - FOOD!

They talk loads of shit about their customer service at http://tastykhana.in/true-care - but all of that is crap.

To keep it short

  • I ordered food at around 8.30PM and made the payment online. TastyKhana confirmed in a call that the order was placed with the restuarant (Banana Leaves Indiranagar) and that the food will reach by 9.38PM. Which was fine. (Order id N0U7544T6). Chose the restuarant since TK displayed it in a highlighted manner when I searched for restuarants around Indiranagar.
  • The delivery guy knocks my door at around 9.45PM. He insists that I pay him again though I had made the payment online. He says that the management has changed recently and the money from TastyKhana will go to the old management and that I should pay to him again if I should take the food. 
  • Asking him to wait, I called up the customer care of tastykhana to sort this out. The customer care guy from tastykhana talks on phone to the delivery guy and the delivery guy leaves my place (along with the food) leaving me with no clue of what to do next. I called up TK Customer Care again, only to explain the whole fiasco to another agent, who promises to get back to me in a minute and never called back.
  • 30 minutes pass and I called up TK Customer Care again to check on what to do next. This time, the agent says that they have sorted out the issue with the hotel and that the hotel guy is bringing back my food. I said that I no more want that food since the hotel guy had been roaming around with the food packet for around one and a half hour and the food would have already become cold and stale. Then the TastyKhana Customer Service tries to convince me that he would get the food re-heated by the hotel and have it delivered.
  • But it was already late and I could wait no longer for food and hence asked TK to cancel my order and initiate a refund as  I wanted to eat at some restuarant nearby, not wanting to wait any more. TK confirms that they have cancelled the order and that they have initiated a refund.

I though this was the end of the story. I had some food at a small hotel nearby and returned to my home, only to find the hotel delivery guy waiting at my doorstep again.

Now he insists again that I should take the food and pay him right away, without which he refused to leave. I told him that TK has cancelled the order and  asked him to sort out any further issues with TastyKhana, not involving me as it was TK who screwed up the whole thing. 

Finally I had to call up TastyKhana again and warn them that I have no other way except to call the police if this hotel delivery guy doesn't leave my doorstep immediately. 

In a couple of minutes, the hotel guy received a call on his mobile and he left.

They seem to boast a lot of things about their customer service and stuff but a few things to note:

  • TastyKhana never called back after the delivery guy left the first time. I had no clue about the status of the order or what to do next. My payment was locked with tastykhana. The customer service agent who talked with the hotel delivery guy did not bother to call me back.
  • When I called them back, I had to explain the whole situation again to a different customer support agent because the first one never called back.
  • Even after such a mess, no one from TastyKhana ever bothered to check on me.

The problems do not seem to just end there. The Support executive from TastyKhana says that he has already initiated a refund. But then I received an email from TastyKhana saying that I should manually initiate a refund from my account page. But that does not seem to work, as the status of the order shows to be "Successful" instead of "Cancelled" and hence preventing me from initiating a refund. 

And it looks like I was not alone. A quick googling around shows many more people frustrated by their service. I should have searched about them before ordering from them.

That does not seem to end there either! As reported on the link below, they seem to be resorting to credit card frauds too, says another victim. -