Taxi For Not Sure - Pathetic Cab service in Bangalore by TaxiForSure

I used to use taxiforsure for most of my business travel and shuttling to airport. They were good initially. But they have definitely turned out to be of of those pathetic cab services lately.

Booked a cab online on Aug 18th in Bangalore for 3.45PM from Tin Factory to Cambridge Layout. Received a confirmation message with booking Id as TFS-PP-HAVW and tarrif rates as usual. At 3.20PM , received a message saying that the assigned cab is running late by 25min.

Then exactly 5 min before the scheduled departure, a guy calls up from TaxiForSure and says the taxi is not available, ruining my plans  for the day.

  • Why don't they just inform the customer right away after the booking if they can not provide a cab?
  • If a cab was never assigned to me, then what was the message that I received from TaxiForSure that my cab was running late by 25min?

They seem to have chosen the name which is highly contradictory to the service they provide! They should rechristen themselves as taxiforNOTsure!

I am suggesting to them a new logo!

They have definitely lost a long time loyal customer with around 12 bookings in the past 2-3 months - TFS-PP-C327854, TFS-PP-C327854, TFS-PP-C327854, TFS-AT-C327468, TFS-AT-C327468, TFS-AT-C327468, TFS-AT-C323713, TFS-PP-HAVW, TFS-AT-C450636, TFS-AT-C450634, TFS-PP-C450286, TFS-AT-GPNK, TFS-AT-C121922, 

Item Reviewed: TaxiforSure Cabs Bangalore
Description: Taxiforsure - One of the most pathetic Cab Services in Bangalore
Rating: 1
Reviewed By: Tanay Sai