My obsession with Drupal started in 2007 when Vinod Kanted hired me for an ecommerce project,when I was doing my BTech at VIT and he insisted that I use Ubercart with Drupal.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Dumped all other CMSs that I had been using till then and started porting existing ones to Drupal.

After working for 3 years, I left my job at TATA Consultancy Services after deciding to work full time on Drupal in Dec 2010.

Over the years I have been able to build set of Skills that keep me engaged all time in building and maintaining Drupal portals.

Drupal Module development
  • Custom Module Development for advanced requirements with extensive use of Drupal APIs
  • Writing code that strictly adheres to Drupal Coding Standards by letter and spirit
  • E-commerce using Ubercart: Customization of Ubercart to meet specific requirements
  • Drupal Migrate Framework
  • Building plug-ins for Views, Custom Actions for VBO, Plug-ins for Feeds / Feeds-Tamper
  • Building web services to Drupal sites  (Ex: API for Article Spinner)
  • PrivateMsg, Userpoints APIs
  • Multilingual and Multi-Site implementation
  • Organized Drupal development with managing configuration by code using Features


  • Converting HTML templates to Drupal themes
  • Drupal Theme Function Overrides and Template Overrides

Administration and deployment
  • Drush / Drush Make
  • Apache Solr Integration
  • Change management using Subversion and Git
  • Performance Tuning and Scaling Drupal [Implementing Boost, Memcache]
  • AWS, S3, Setting up LAMP/WAMP stacks : Cpanel, Plesk, WHMCS

 Drupal Site building:

Knowledge of Key Drupal Modules such as Views, CCK, Feeds (For Importing Content), Panels, Organic Groups, Views Bulk Operations, Rules, Services, Workflow, PathAuto, Features, Media

Most of my hobby/weekend projects are on Drupal. Few of them :
  • www.ArticleSpinner.in
  • www.GusaGusa.com (NOW ABANDONED)
  • The website that you are on [www.tanay.co.in]
  • www.DesiGIFs.com
  • and a few more..

Though GusaGusa.com is abandoned [there is a new version which is maintained by someone else.], it(the old version) was my bread and butter for a couple of years. Being a content aggregator, with heavy use of Regular expressions to automatically determine the main article from scraped pages, to synonym replacements to prevent being marked as duplicate, caching image locally, automatically watermarking them, scanning images for any existing watermarks and cropping images programatically to remove the watermarks, and so on..

In a sentence, it was the most unethical content aggregator that ever existed on earth, with more traffic than any of its sources. With the best care taken for search optimization it used to top in Google for most of the tollywood terms and had a search traffic of more than 3000 uniques per day from Google Images alone. (Remember the cached images?). Abandoned it after the Google Panda Update.

Some of the popular Drupal Websites I have contributed to include
  • Resumebear.com (Drupal Version coming up shortly)
  • NoiseFromAmerika.org
  • tma.org (Drupal version in progress)
  • HolidayIQ.com (some sections are rendered from Drupal)

I keep posting my observations here..