NO. I am currently on a full-time assignment that takes up most of my time. I have no time for freelancing as earlier. Refrain from contacting me unless you want to discuss any other thing.

Firstly you would not have much of a reason to contact me as I am not available for hire, neither for freelancing.

If you still have something to say, Skype is my preferred channel for communication. Find my skype id at http://www.tanay.co.in/contact-me

Thanks to my Smart Phone, the battery is dead most of the times. Though I try my best to have the battery charged, it simply keeps dying.

I ensure it is switched on and available when I am expecting a call or when I am away from my desk (not available on skype). I am available on skype 90% of the time I am awake.
After a bike crash leading to 2 blood clots around my brain that had to be removed by surgery, and 8 internal skull fractures, my body clock some how got modified. I get away with 3 hours of sleep a day. :-)